Cursed Treasure 1½

Cursed Treasure 1½

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How to play Cursed Treasure 1½?

Once again, the gems of the evil forces are in danger and you cannot let hordes of dangerous and bloodthirsty enemies get away with sowing chaos and terror in your world! Will you manage to restore normality and peace to your world in the game Cursed Treasure: One and a Half?

After a decade of peace, the heroes of your town have decided to return to recover the last 3 gems carefully guarded by the evil Overlord, and save them once and for all. Will you manage to bring life back to your town after a long season of darkness and suffering? You will have a total of 15 completely new levels and numerous magic spells that will make your task easier if the defensive towers do not arrive in time to destroy all the evildoers. Protect the gems with all your might and prevent them from falling back into the hands of the bad guys. Good luck...

Who created Cursed Treasure: One and a Half?

This game was developed by IriySoft.



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