Black Stallion Cabaret

Black Stallion Cabaret

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How to play Black Stallion Cabaret?

What more do you need if you have an armored train? That's right, a whole train car full of lovely dancers!

In Black Stallion Cabaret you must make them go all over the country entertaining the public in the cities, upgrading your train and repelling monster attacks.

The goal of the game is to take the dancers around the country and protect them from monsters. In the main mode of the game you have to combine the objects you create in the workshop to increase their level and upgrade the weapons, the dancers and the workshop. You need weapons to defend yourself from the large number of monsters that you will encounter on your way. The battles are automatic. You have 30 seconds to eliminate a horde of monsters.

The dancers perform in the cities and get rewards that include details for the train cars. You can buy new wagons and upgrade the current ones.

How to play Black Stallion Cabaret?

  • Combine objects and increase their level. The higher the level of an item, the more points it will give when you use it.
  • Items are used to upgrade weapons, dancers and the workshop. Double click on an item to use it.
  • Defeat the monster squads to pass to the next village.
  • Get wagon parts in the village and level up your train. The number of pieces depends on the level of the dancers.
  • The level of the workshop influences the maximum level of the manufactured items and the size of the warehouse.

Who created Black Stallion Cabaret?

Persona Games has developed this fun game.



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