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How to play Arkanoid?

Taito launched this classic game back in 1986, and most players were totally excited. Who hasn't heard about it?

How to play Arkanoid?

This arcade classic is now available in its browser version, with new graphics but the same old mechanics. In this game you will have to manage a base from which you will launch a ball to destroy all the bricks on the stage and leave it completely clear. Be careful, the ball bounces back down to the bottom of the stage. Don't let the ball pass or you will lose one of the three lives you have. You can control the base with your computer mouse. You will also be able to upgrade the base when you destroy certain bricks.

Would you like to know some tricks to improve in Arkanoid?

For starters, you need to know that when you get the shooting upgrade, which is very useful for eliminating bricks quickly and efficiently, you shouldn't pick up other upgrades, as they will cancel the shooting upgrade. Ignore the ships wandering around the stage, they are just a distraction, don't attack them. And lastly, the upgrades of extending the base and luring the ball can be used at the same time, look to get that combo and try to keep it as long as you can.

Who created the original Arkanoid?

The original Arkanoid was an arcade game developed by Taito in 1986 and is based on an earlier Atari game called "Breakout", released in 1976. Thanks to its popularity, since its release a multitude of versions have appeared for some of the most popular platforms in the industry, such as NES, SNES or PlayStation.

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