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How to play Stick Fight?

Are you ready for action? Put yourself in the shoes of a Sitckman and get ready to fight waves of enemies by using all your senses and especially your reflexes! Buy different weapons with the money you get and survive the massive attack of dangerous enemies.

How to fight in Stick Fight?
Stick Fight is an action game where you will have to fight against four players overcoming obstacles and different levels.

The character is a stick figure and is based precisely on sticky fighting. Stick fighting is a variety of martial arts that use different models of "sticks": simple, long, thin, blunt, hand, usually wooden to attack the opponent. Some techniques can also be used with a strong umbrella or even a sword in its sheath.

Stick Fight stands out by its retro aesthetics and these graphics were the ones that have had greater acceptance within the gamer public. The stick figures are represented by a colored marker. Although they are simple graphics, during the fight, you can hit with your fists using special combos and weapons.

If you have a LAN connection or a split screen system, you can play Sticky Fight with other internet players. The game has more than 80 different levels and you can also edit them thanks to the more than 35,000 player cards in the Steam Workshop.

How to play multiplayer in Stick Fight?
Unfortunately it is not available for local multiplayer by keyboard at the moment, but this functionality is being worked on.

Who created Sticky Fight?
Sticky Fight was developed by Landfall Games AB, a Swedish company founded in 2015 by Wilhelm Nylund. This young developer was nominated at a young age for the development of his first games and decided not to go to university and to dedicate himself fully to the industry.

They soon developed Clustertruck, which was a real success that made the expansion of the young company possible. Years later, Stick Fight would arrive, affirming the success of the company again.

How to play Stick Fight?

In Stick Fight you will take on the role of our fighter Stickman. You will have to fight against waves of enemies that will try to defeat you in melee. Watch your movements and synchronize your attacks because any hit you receive will be definitive and will put an end to your game. To control your fighter you will only have to use the "left" and "right" keys on your keyboard. With each press you will perform an attack and you will have to synchronize it with the arrival of an enemy. If you hit too early, you'll hit the air and suffer a penalty during which you won't be able to attack. If you hit too late, the enemy will reach you and hit you automatically. When you defeat enough enemies you'll have to face a boss, which you'll have to defeat by linking combos of attack moves. Each enemy you defeat will earn you in-game coins which you can use to buy weapons for your warrior to improve his attack and range.

Do you need any advice to improve in Stick Fight?

Stick Fight is all about timing. Get used to the pace at which enemies appear, which will increase in speed and quantity as you progress through the game. Try to anticipate the enemies' movements. Enemies will always appear in groups of 1, 2 and 3. Don't forget to buy weapons for your character and upgrade them. Give preference to the ones with more range, these will prevent you from getting ahead in your attacks by being able to reach. Enemies at a greater distance.

What is the origin of Stick Fight?

Stick Fight has its origins in the "Stickman" genre of games. These games are based on very simple characters made up of basic lines for the body and limbs, and a ball for the head. Thanks to the simplicity of this design, these characters are very easy to animate and can recreate the most spectacular movements that you can imagine. Stickman games are known for their excellent gameplay and fast-paced action. Are you a fan of Stickman games? In Minigames you can find a few of them.


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