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Chinese Solitaire

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How to play Solitario Chino?

Get your head screwed by playing once again this fun Chinese solitaire game called Mahjong! Complete each level by grouping the tiles in exactly the same pairs and remove them all from the board - good luck!

Chinese Solitaire Rules

Scared of all those symbols? You shouldn't be. Chinese solitaire online is extremely easy to understand. You have to find pairs of identical tiles that are not blocked, combine them and uncover others. What does blocked mean? Well, it means that they are blocked on top (where they have the drawing) or on one of their sides. You can only combine the same tiles if they are uncovered at one of their sides. As you match pairs, you will unlock new combinations. There are also special tiles that you can combine with each other: the flower tiles (green) and the season tiles (blue).

Tips for beginners in Chinese solitaire

There are certain keys when facing a game of Chinese solitaire. It requires a great deal of attention and patience. However, after just a couple of games, certain automatisms are developed that will make the next ones an even easier and more satisfying experience. The player's memory must aspire to retain the image of those tiles that are interchangeable, always paying attention to the ends. Likewise, this is a game that has to be faced calmly and for bedtime.

Differences between Chinese Solitaire and Mahjong

As its name suggests, Chinese solitaire game or Chinese solitaire was designed to be enjoyed by only one person. Traditional Mahjong requires three to four players, with the competitive factor being its main feature. In contrast, the main feature of this variant is the relaxation factor. A good game calls for concentration and harmony, a concept very present in Chinese culture. That is why the version of free Chinese solitaire that you are about to play has that characteristic and melodious soundtrack, which helps immersion.

History of Chinese solitaire

It is said that Mahjong found its inspiration in an ancient mechanism that Chinese fortune tellers used to prophesy the future through the position of the stars. And it is certain that a similar game already existed during the period of Tang Dynasty rule. However, modern versions date back to the end of the 19th century, and it is at the beginning of the 20th century when it begins to spread in the West (and the solitaire version is developed).

Keep playing free solitaire

You can play Chinese solitaire without downloading at Minijuegos, and here we leave you some of the most played versions: Spider Solitaire, White Card Solitaire or Super Mega Solitaire. And you can always see all the versions we have in Free Solitaire Games or Mahjong Games, which one do you dare to try?



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