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How to play Solitario Spider?

Play spider solitaire online in Minigames. In spider solitaire you play with 2 decks of cards and the goal is to run out of cards as soon as possible by building eight downward stairs of the same suit.


Among the many versions of solitaire that exist, such as megasolitaire or mahjong, one of the most entertaining is the classic spider solitaire. Fortunately, this game also exists in its online version, so you can play it directly on Minigames and have a lot of fun. To start playing, you have to know that it consists of 104 cards and consists of stacking the cards of lesser value on top of the larger ones. In this it is the same as any other solitaire. The rows are formed with cards of the same suit and must be distributed in 19 columns and there will be some turned over cards that will be revealed as the game progresses. The objective is to form 8 ladders in descending order, which will be automatically stacked on one side of the board when they are complete, that is to say, when you manage to complete a row from the king to the ace. As you can see, its mechanics is very simple, which is perfect to have a nice time without any other worries, good luck and have fun!

Two-suited spider solitaire rules

Two-suited spider solitaire is very easy to understand, once you have understood the rules of the general game. In this case, the goal is the same: to form 8 ladders in descending order, so that the board is completely empty. However, it is made a bit more complex by the presence of an extra suit. Although the cards can be stacked on top of each other in the opposite suit, to form winning combinations, rows of spades or hearts must be formed. This means that the level of the game becomes intermediate, as it is a bit more difficult to achieve your goal. Be patient and you will be able to overcome the challenge of two-suited spider solitaire!

Spider solitaire history: who invented the spider solitaire card game?

The history of spider solitaire is uncertain, like many other card games. The first mention of this version is found in a 1917 book written by the renowned bridge player Ely Culbertson. However, it was Microsoft that made this pastime popular by introducing it into the Windows 98 operating system. The success of the desktop version was so great that, today, spider solitaire can be enjoyed online from any device. It is worth mentioning that the name "spider" refers to the 8 legs of a spider due to the number of rows that must be formed to win the game. We invite you to get to know it and have fun!


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