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Rubix details

Squeeze your brain and get ready for a unique experience with this beautiful and elegant logic game! The goal of Rubix is to match all the cubes in each level with the corresponding color of your platform. It sounds simple, but you only have the option of changing the color of 3 adjacent cubes at once! Will you be able to solve the mystery? As the game progresses the difficulty will increase so you'll have to quickly figure out the easiest way to complete each puzzle. Educate your brain and get hooked on this addictive game as you learn and test your patience!


  • Complete more than 1,000 unique levels.
  • It completes a total of 60 exciting achievements.
  • Enjoy 5 special cubes that will provide you with new challenges.
  • You will have the possibility to build your own levels and play them.

Who created Rubix?

This game has been developed by BusyBytes.