Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

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R.I.P Flash! Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? is a Flash game which is not supported anymore. Please check our similar games!

How to play ¿Quién quiere ser Millonario??

Feel part of the mythical TV game Who Wants to be a Millionaire? This logic game is based on a question and answer format where for each correct answer a sum of money is added until the last question reaches a million.

It is a fun game and you can feel the same adrenaline that the contestants feel. A feature of this videogame that we bring in miniplay, is that it has jokers in the same way as the show, which makes it with a dynamic identical to the show.

How do you play who wants to be a millionaire?
When the game was launched in the late 90s, what was new was the change this brought to contests. In Who Wants to be a Millionaire? the participant plays alone, facing 15 questions that he must answer correctly if he wants to win the biggest prize.

The questions are from different categories such as sports, culture, literature, science. Each question has four multiple choice answers and as you answer them correctly they become more difficult and complex to answer in a certain amount of time.

When you answer incorrectly you lose everything you have won in the game, unless you have reached a point where you are assured of an amount. There are two instances where you can secure your winnings. These are questions 5 and 10. This makes Who Wants to be a Millionaire a very adrenaline filled game.

What are the jokers of who wants to be a millionaire?
As in television gambling, you have help to guide you in those questions that you do not know or are not sure of. The jokers are:

Consult the public: the public is consulted online, it will be shown which was the question most voted by the public and you decide whether to choose that option suggested by the public.

Call a friend: When you call a friend, he suggests what the correct answer is. In the TV game, you can choose that friend you know will know the answer. Here you will have to trust or bet on another one.

Discard choices: The 50% joker, where half of the choices disappear giving you more security. Many times we think that the answer is correct and by eliminating it we have more security.

Who created who wants to be a millionaire?
Who wants to be a millionaire? was created in the 90's in the United Kingdom and was a real rage, so much so that the board game came out as well as video games. The producer Celador, was the one who carried out the program and who sold it to other countries and also produced the movie Slumdog Millonaire.

This version that we bring from miniplay was developed Peor es nada, its programmers Mauricio Cortes and Domenico Di Mambro, were based on the classic game


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