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How to play Pencil Rush?

The world is sad and dark! Don't you think it needs some color? It's time to color every corner of the stage in Pencil Rush as you collect dozens of colorful paints in an exciting obstacle course.

Will you be able to overcome this great challenge? Try to reach the finish line loaded with colors while avoiding falling off the cliff or miscalculating and crashing into the piles of objects that stand in your way. Some of the paintings will have a unique power, so don't let them slip away! Once you reach the finish line you'll have to throw the colors directly onto the canvas placed at the end to compose a beautiful painting. When you finally finish coloring it, you can add it to your private gallery and increase your small art gallery to delight yourself with wonderful works of art. Enjoy a unique experience and fill your gray day with the colors of arociris!

Pencil Rush can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE

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