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How to play Noa?

Noa is a Play-To-Earn game in which our goal is to build the best decks of cards to face the dangers of the dungeons of a magical fantasy universe. Earn NOA tokens with your victories, get the best rewards in the form of NFT and advance to higher levels to win even more.

Noa's gameplay is based on four basic pillars: Trade, Build, Upgrade and Win.

How do NFTs work in Noa?

In Noa, every card used in the game is a real NFT owned by the player. Noa NFTs are protected by the Wax blockchain network. Each NFT can be upgraded to better, rarer and more powerful ones by using the Forge in the game.

Collect rare cards and build the best decks by managing your own NFTs.

How does combat work in Noa?

To take part in Noa's confrontations it is necessary to build a deck of heroes along with support cards to make your way through different levels of increasing difficulty. Raids can earn tokens, NFT and more. In addition, completing daily and weekly quests will give you access to more rewards.

Upgrade your cards in the Forge

Create and upgrade your cards with the NFT tokens you find in the game. You will also be able to create more powerful configurations with the new cards you create as you advance. The more you advance, the better the rewards and the more prizes you can get.

How do you play to win?

With each game of Noa you will earn NOA tokens; if you win, you will earn even more. The higher the level at which you play, the higher the reward and the higher the probability of receiving rare loot and valuable random chests that you can discover in the dungeons.

Basic game rules

To start playing Noa you will have to fulfill two basic requirements: own 16 hero cards and 10 support cards.

When the game starts, 4 hero cards are randomly placed on the battlefield along with 2 random support cards. In combat, your heroes will fight against enemy cards and each time a hero is down to 0 HP, a new card emerges from the draw pile until all 16 cards of one of the two players are eliminated.

Thus, the player who still has at least 1 hero card on the battlefield wins. With each victory you will receive a NOA token as a reward and, with luck, you will get rare loot such as fragments to upgrade your NFT cards, exclusive heroes, amulets, power-ups and much more.

If you want to unlock the 100% reward rate you will need to have a NFT mana potion in your inventory. It is also possible to play without such NFT mana, although the token rewards and the possibility of loot will be much lower.

Differences between victory and defeat

The player who wins will receive a NOA token and will have the opportunity to receive loot. The loot includes various NFT such as shards to upgrade hero and support cards, new exclusive and rare cards, upgrades and many other items.

The losing player will only receive half of the NOA token and will have no chance to get loot.

NFT card rarities

Noa NFT cards are divided into 6 rarity levels. The level increase depends on each rarity type. The rarity level of your deck will determine the type and level of dungeon you will be able to access. And of course, the higher the dungeon level, the better the rewards. Of course, all cards can be upgraded in the Forge; upgrade a common card to mythic rarity level with the appropriate amount of fragments and NOA token.

Build your hero decks now and embark on a NFT card adventure that will earn you great rewards - trade, build, upgrade, fight and win!


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