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Enjoy an exciting multiplayer turn-based strategy game for many players inspired by classic chess with Megachess! Join the game, constantly zooming in and out to watch your opponents' positions and think carefully about your moves to win. Protect the king and queen with your pawns, rooks and knights ready to do whatever it takes to be the last survivor standing.

You will have the chance to think for 25 seconds about how long each turn lasts and how good your move is. Once you get the king of one of your opponents, you will automatically possess your opponent's pieces and increase your army. Move your pieces from 4 to 16 times and get ready to test your wits and intelligence on the board. Will you manage to get the highest score? Capturing a king is worth 100 points, queens are worth 50, bishops are worth 25, rooks are worth 30, knights are worth 20 and pawns are worth 10. Get ready to have fun with an unusual game of chess!

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