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How to play Mahjong Connect?

Squeeze your head to the max and enjoy playing this Chinese solitaire game! Group the tiles in pairs of exactly the same size and remove them from the board to successfully complete all levels.

Regardless of its origin, the truth is that nowadays you can enjoy this popular classic from anywhere in the world and device thanks to online games like the ones you can find in this section from the solitaire mahjong version to the table version of this game in which 4 players, 144 tiles and of course the game board are needed, but here you will only need Internet and your own intelligence to complete the game and become a real champion.

You will only have to worry about selecting the pairs and we will take care of the rest, from the organization of the tiles on the board, to the music to set the mood.

Mahjong Solitaire Rules

How to play free mahjong? Playing free mahjong solitaire (or mahjong online) is very simple. Each game requires finding identical tiles and uncovering them to form pairs. Once these tiles have been released, they disappear from the board. And those that were just below take their place, allowing new conjugations to be made. The online mahjong variant (Connect) requires only tiles that can be connected vertically or horizontally. In addition, the board is arranged in successive rows.

Tips for beginners in Mahjong Solitaire

To play free mahjong does not require too complex tactics. It is enough to pay attention to the board and learn to read it in the two directions that are allowed when forming pairs (vertical and horizontal). However, to avoid possible deadlocks and to speed up the games, it is advisable to keep in mind the pieces that will fall next when a pair is formed. And, in this way, always select the best possible pair among those available. That is, the one that will release new conjugations with the most immediate move.

Differences between Mahjong solitaire and other Mahjong games

The free mahjong solitaire proposes you to face the challenge alone and forming straight lines. Other variants of solitaire mahjong require only that the tiles are uncovered on one of their sides, and propose more complex boards (such as the more traditional one, called spider). On the other hand, the most classic version requires between three and four players, with the competitive component being the most important feature.

History of Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong solitaire or Chinese mahjong solitaire becomes popular in the West (especially in the United States) during the first half of the last century, along with some other revisions of the original game. It is at the end of the Chinese Empire when it appears fully formulated and in writing. And when a key publication appears: Rules of Mah-Jongg, by Joseph Park Babcock. However, the characters and pieces, as well as the board system, seem to find inspiration in ancient traditional elements of Chinese culture, such as the old calendars and celestial oracles. Today, mahjong is a very popular game in most of Asia and a national sport in its native country. Chinese mahjong solitaire has legions of fans all over the world.

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