Kaizo Mario World 3

Kaizo Mario World 3

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Kaizo Mario World 3 details

Kaizo Mario World 3 is the third part of a fun hack of the classic Super Nintendo video game created by T. Takemoto. This time, breaking the established rules when designing the levels makes it much more difficult to overcome the game.

Join Mario once again in the most difficult adventure he's ever faced! You can find hidden blocks in seemingly empty spaces and jump into the void hoping that luck will have mercy on you, or you'll have the chance to die thousands of times by falling into hundreds of dangerous death traps. The difficulty in overcoming each level and the frustration they cause will make you develop your skills and creativity to unexpected limits. Be patient, throw yourself into the void and reach the end of each stage by solving the riddles hidden behind each block.

  • MOVE
  • z ATTACK
  • x JUMP
  • c RUN