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How to play Impostor Killer?

It's time to put your reflexes to the test in Impostor Killer! Can you survive this sinister adventure and make it from one side to the other without getting caught? Inspired by the famous and critically acclaimed Among Us, you must take on the role of an intruder astronaut to annihilate the other crew members of the spacecraft one by one.

Put on your astronaut suit and wield your knife tightly as you cautiously observe every corner of the ship. Hide from your enemies' range of vision to avoid being caught or your mission will fail. Move as stealthily as possible, don't make any noise, try not to make a single false step and avoid being caught committing any misdeed! Exterminate your opponents mercilessly one by one and avoid visual contact with your opponents at all times. Enjoy a very simple mechanic, with friendly graphics and a difficulty that will increase as you pass to the next level. Good luck!

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