Idle Shop Empire Tycoon

Idle Shop Empire Tycoon

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How to play Idle Shop Empire Tycoon?

Shop Empire Tycoon is a fun management game in which you'll have to patiently build and manage a large store in which you'll sell all sorts of products to your customers. You'll be able to offer supermarket products, sporting goods, and even build a space for a small cafeteria.

Learn to invest your profits wisely to hire salespeople and numerous workers to facilitate your experience and unlock new innovative and different products to attract the attention of potential customers. Automate your store work as much as possible and become an incredibly wealthy and powerful businessman or woman. Have a great time!

Who created Idle Shop Empire Tycoon?

This game is developed by Hako Idle Games.

Idle Shop Empire Tycoon can be also found in these platforms:


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