Gumball: Home Alone Survival

Gumball: Home Alone Survival

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How to play Gumball: Home Alone Survival?

Mom and Dad are away on a well-deserved vacation and now Gumball, Darwin and his little sister Anais must try to make ends meet in Gumball: Home Alone Survival. Are you ready for a good time?

This is war! Explore the house with caution and gather the items you need to survive another day of the ordeal. Build a shelter, a table, a field hospital, a chest, prepare a fire and don't let your opponents take all your items before you use them, feed yourself with the little food you find to increase your strength and prove that only you can be the only survivor in this tough adventure! Good luck...

Who created Gumball: Home Alone Survival?

This game was developed by Cartoon Network.

  • MOVE
  • z ATTACK
  • x COMER


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