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How to play Glove Power?

Glove Power is a unique and special casual arcade game in which you must guide the Infinity Gauntlet as you run along a path full of obstacles using all the powers that are in your hand and that come across you along your adventure.

Float down the track as you make your way through a magical world and make sure you don't die from sharp traps scattered along the way, there are a total of 6 colored gems that you will have to successfully retrieve to control, soul, time, space, mind, reality, power and everything you need to reach the finish line in one piece! Don't let the spinning blades make mincemeat out of you and enjoy the advantages each gem offers you on your adventure - good luck!

Who created Glove Power?

This game was developed by Yso Corp.

Glove Power can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE

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