Friday Night Funkin Logic Light

Friday Night Funkin Logic Light

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How to play Friday Night Funkin Logic Light?

Friday Night Funkin Logic Light is a new mod inspired by the Logic cartoon series from GameToons. Are you ready for an adventure full of rhythm and lots of fun? You'll be able to dance to a total of 11 new songs, developed by Epidemic Sound during the first 4 weeks except for week 5 where you can enjoy a small collection of popular mods and lots of adventures with our favorite characters.

The main character of this new version is called Player, and he is the main character of the mod and the popular animated series. His appearance is very similar to that of Boyfriend, except for some small details. His hair is brown and a little shorter than Boyfriend's and in the mod is drawn in a slightly different style than usual. He has a less courageous personality than Boyfriend, but is still willing to risk everything for just one chance to kiss his beloved. Have fun as you press the arrows to the beat of the music to proclaim yourself king of the dancefloor!

Who created Friday Night Funkin Logic Light?

This mod was created by DJ Popsicle and Gametoons.



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