FNF Smosh: Food Battle

FNF Smosh: Food Battle

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How to play FNF Smosh: Food Battle?

FNF Smosh: Food Battle is a Friday Night Funkin' mod inspired by the YouTube comedy group Smosh and one of their series titled Food Battle. The duel will consist of an exciting musical melee battle between Ian and Anthony, where both characters will challenge each other in a duel to find out which is the best and tastiest food on the menu they have in their hands!

Feel the notes coursing through your blood and do your best to emerge victorious in this riveting musical duel - are you ready to test your sense of rhythm once again as you accurately sing every note that appears on the screen? Good luck!

Who created FNF Smosh: Food Battle?
This game was developed by Fuwu, KaiEManaTouch, Tima_retro, Mason Parkinson and many more artists.


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