FNF: Dusttrust Maniatic Funk

FNF: Dusttrust Maniatic Funk

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How to play FNF: Dusttrust Maniatic Funk?

FNF: Dusttrust Maniatic Funk is a Friday Night Funkin mod in progress which will challenge you to participate in a new musical rhythm battle against Sans, the skeleton protagonist of the game and Toby Fox's masterpiece, Undertale.

Don't let Boyfriend lose his title as the champion of the dance floors and once again show your amazing sense of rhythm by singing the two tracks of the game to perfection. Press the arrows in the right order and dance to the funk beat as you regain your position and blow the minds of all your fans. Good luck!

Who created FNF: Dusttrust Maniatic Funk?

This game has been developed by Enderdrip, Uwa, Fah_Artist, Hlo_Art, Xylamic, Ruria and many more artists.


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