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How to play Empires & Puzzles?

With Empires & Puzzles, an exciting journey awaits you in which puzzles are mixed with RPG elements, as well as the possibility of building a mighty fortress, participating in clan wars and dueling in the arena.

What are the special features of Empires & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG?

  • Arena: Challenge other players and climb the rankings.
  • Collection of heroes and weapons: Unique heroes and weapons await you.
  • Build a mighty Citadel: Build warehouses, forges and high walls.
  • Play with friends: Raid Titans together and participate in Clan Wars! Join the battles right now!

Who created Empires & Puzzles: Match 3 RPG?
Zynga developed this Match 3 game.

Empires & Puzzles can be also found in these platforms:

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