Construction Ramp Jumping

Construction Ramp Jumping

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How to play Construction Ramp Jumping?

Construction Ramp Jumping is a mind-blowing physics and stunt game that defies the laws of gravity as you accelerate to speed down the world's steepest ramps by the hand of a tractor, truck, or any type of heavy vehicle.

Invest your profits in improving your strength, lightness and flight capabilities and launch up to 12 tons of heavy metal into the air, flying over buildings. Create an unparalleled spectacle of destruction, use dozens of different vehicles and plunge into chaos as you fly through exciting locations - get ready for fast-paced action and hundreds of mind-blowing jumps!

Who created Construction Ramp Jumping?

This game was developed by Boombit.

Construction Ramp Jumping can be also found in these platforms:


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