Cell to Singularity: Evolution

Cell to Singularity: Evolution

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How to play Cell to Singularity: Evolution?

Immerse yourself in an epic evolutionary journey with the game Cell to Singularity: Evolution and get ready to witness how life arose on earth 4.5 billion years ago. Each click will grant you the chance to unlock a new chapter in the history of evolution through the extinction of the dinosaurs, the ice ages, the industrial revolution and many different stages more.

Explore mind-blowing 3D habitats for hours, see the future possibilities that technology will bring you, enjoy an immersive soundtrack and make life evolve little by little from a tiny single-celled organism to a super-evolved space civilization. Explore the earth and part of the universe and watch as you slowly progress through the tree of life improving biology, intellect and technology to create a thriving civilization on the brink of a technological singularity. Addictive gameplay, simple mechanics and the ability to unlock animals such as fish, lizard mammals and even dinosaurs will lead you to slowly expand the civilization by completing the different stages of the evolution of history and the future. It's time to have a great time!

Who created Cell to Singularity: Evolution?

This game has been developed by ComputerLunch.

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