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How to play Aqueducts?

Every last drop of water in the city is gone and it's up to you to save your people from the drought! Embark on a great adventure with Aqueducts and manage to correctly connect the water pipes to fill the fountains, crops and taps of the houses with life again.

Solve all kinds of puzzles and riddles and make your way through 15 unique levels of fun and challenging islands. Build bridges to reach distant islands, change the state of the water to be able to cross it without drowning and build pipes with the right length and inclination to join them and allow the water to flow. When you're done, create and program your own levels to challenge other players!

What features does Aqueducts offer?

  • Enjoy detailed 3D pixel graphics
  • Solve dozens of puzzles over 15 unique levels.
  • Explore lonely islands.
  • Find a way to connect pipes and return water to your city.

Who created Aqueducts?

This game has been developed by Endless Studios.


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