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How to play Akinator?

The famous Akinator has come to Miniplay for you to try to beat him in his own game. The genius will ask you up to 25 questions to try and guess the character, real or fictional, or the animal you have in mind. Answer: Yes, No, I don't know, Probably or Probably No and depending on your answers the options will be reduced.
I'm sure Akinator will beat you easily, but if not, congratulations, you've done a great job! You can also add your character or animal so that Akinator can guess it next time.

How does Akinator really work?

Leaving aside the fact that Akinator may have supernatural powers and live in a lamp, its creators claim that it's all due to a secret algorithm they're not willing to share, and that it finds the right character from the answers of all the players who have challenged Akinator since it was created. This mysterious program has a huge database of characters, most of them added by the players themselves. When a user answers the questions, the system gives each answer a score, depending on the answer: Yes, No, I don't know, Probably or Probably No.
If the program guesses your character, your answers and the score it has obtained are stored in that character's data, and the next time someone searches for that character, Akinator will find it easier to find him. 
Pero if you manage to win the program, the system will store your character, your questions and your score in a new entry in its database. When someone searches for you again, Akinator will surely read your mind and guess.

Who created the Genius Akinator?

It was developed in 2007 by two French programmers, Jeff Deleau and Arnaud Magret, creating a more interactive online version of the classic board game Guess Who? It was then that it began to store data on the games played, until it became world famous in 2008, when it went viral. Today, the game has its own App, with the possibility to create a user profile, participate in challenges, try out new themes for searches and appear in rankings. The app is available for Android and iOS.

Now that you know everything about Akinator, you dare to challenge him?


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