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How to play Scary Stranger 3D?

Scary Stranger 3D is a game that mixes elements of suspense and mystery with a touch of humor for an unforgettable adventure.

In this game, you get into the shoes of Nick or Tanya, two characters bent on uncovering the sinister activities of their neighbor, sinisterly known as Scary Uncle. Your main objective is to outsmart Scary Uncle by using clever pranks and strategies to foil his evil plans.

Every decision and action you take will help you survive or risk becoming one of his many victims.

How to play Scary Stranger 3D?

  • Explore the house and its surroundings, go deep into each room and collect objects that can be useful for your missions.
  • Solve puzzles and participate in various challenges that require you to solve puzzles to unlock new levels or access hidden areas.
  • Use your wits to prepare pranks that distract or scare your neighbor, helping your progression in the game.
  • Stay out of sight by using the environment to your advantage, avoiding direct confrontations that could lead to your capture.

Scary Neighbor 3D is not just about uncovering a mystery, but about living a story that unfolds with every action you take. Are you ready to face your neighbor's dark secrets and protect your home? Join the adventure and master the survival game against the creepy neighbor.

Who created Scary Stranger 3D?

Z & K Games has developed this horror game.

Scary Stranger 3D can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE

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