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One Card Game

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How to play One Card Game?

Do you miss the fun and addictive game UNO when you used to play with your friends? Or have you never played this great card game and want to learn? Then go ahead, choose a character and take part in wonderful friendly competitions.

A perfectly recreated atmosphere of the game, detailed instructions, simple controls and many interesting opponents who are ready at any moment to keep you company are waiting for you.

What are the special features of One Card Game?

  • Addictive card game.
  • Bright and colorful graphics.
  • Detailed game rules.
  • Convenient controls.

How to play One Card Game?

Playing One Card Game is as simple as this. Choose the number of players. Match cards by color or number and be the first to get rid of them. The action cards drive the game. If you drop a. +2 or +4, if the next player doesn't have another one to lay, then draw two cards and lose a turn. The turn skip card stops the player. The reversal card switches the direction of the turn to the opposite player. The joker can be placed on any card at any time and allows you to change the color of the card. Don't forget to press the ONE button when you only have one card left or you will receive a 2 card penalty.



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