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How to play Happy Wheels?

Happy Wheels, the most popular bloody game on the Internet, is finally in Miniplay.

In this bloody adventure, based on ragdoll physics, you will have to choose between a series of unique characters and their crazy means of transport, to reach the goal of each scenario.

In this version, you have at your disposal

  • Wheelchair Guy
  • Segway Guy
  • Irresponsible Dad
  • Effective Shopper

But be careful, this won't be a walk in the park. Hundreds of blades, mines, traps and falls are ready to tear you apart on the way, or at least take a good chunk out of you. Will you be able to accomplish the goals without losing any limbs?

Happy Wheels brings you numerous levels to test your skills, but if you're a little rusty, the game features one of the largest communities of level creators in browser games. The number of challenges at your disposal is practically infinite.

Have you been inspired and passed a level in an epic way? You'll be able to relive your best or perhaps most bloodthirsty moments, with the option of loading replays of your level attempts.

Some features:

  • Over 60 unique and challenging levels
  • Deadly obstacles: picks, mines, wrecking balls, harpoons and more
  • Smooth and realistic physics

Who created the game Happy Wheels?

Happy Wheels was created by independent game developer Jim Bonnaci in 2006, acting as programmer and game artist. His inspiration came from other browser games based on ragdoll physics. According to his words, the biggest difficulty he found in the development of the game was to make a game in which the player dies so many times and in such bloody ways, a pleasant experience. In 2015, the game was released for iOS, but it took a little longer for Android (2020). A curious fact is that this video, from the famous Youtuber PewDiePie, with 30 million plays, is one of the most visited you can find inside Youtube. Amazing, isn't it?

Fit your helmet and get your wheelchair ready, reaching the finish line in one piece won't be easy.

Want to improve your game in Happy Wheels?

Go slowly when you start the levels or if it's the first time you try to pass one. There are many hidden traps and the best way to avoid them is to take it easy until you know the position and operation of all of them. Also, make good use of the roll controls, they can help you when you're falling out of control and you'll get a smooth and safe landing. Watch your head, it's the most important part of your body and the most likely to get hit in Happy Wheels. Repeat the levels to find the best route and find all the traps. Only through practice can you be the best at Happy Wheels.

Don't know how to continue in Happy Wheels?

Don't worry, in Happy Wheels you don't have to follow an order or unlock levels to play them. You will have all the levels at your disposal from the beginning, although if you are a beginner player it is best to start with the simplest levels to get used to the game and the controls.

Did you know that Happy Wheels is programmed with ragdoll physics?

The ragdoll physics allow you to create a structure that holds the character's body, as if it were a skeleton. It is formed by a series of rigid bodies joined together by invisible strings that make our character act as a real body would when he dies.

Happy Wheels can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE

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