FNF: Don't get Fooled

FNF: Don't get Fooled

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How to play FNF: Don't get Fooled?

FNF: Don't Get Fooled is a unique Friday Night Funkin' mod based on the famous Mario Kicking Down Door meme in which you will once again do your best to test your sense of rhythm and musical reflexes.

Pay attention to the musical notes and do your best to help Boyfriend beat the image of his opponent projected on a big movie screen. Mario is eager to break through the wall that divides your world from his to take away your success - don't let that happen and prove once again that you are still the king!

Who created FNF: Don't Get Fooled?

This mod has been developed by LeLlamoCarl, DooxOmelette, DragonBoi06 and Crebosa.


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