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Undead Dungeon 2: Hero Adventures

Undead Dungeon 2: Hero Adventures

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A long time ago our Village was prosperous and successful, but then the mystical force have attack our village. After many years these houses its all that remains from our village. Maybe you can help us and kill that force and release us? Are you ready for your mission? Published:October 20, 2014

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    • 01 Jul
      February 6, 2015

      Minor fixes

    • Jan 23
      January 23, 2015

      Multiplayer mode

    • Nov 24
      November 24, 2014

      Several bugs fixes: - Delete duplicated starter items - No more starter items on mystik boxes - Increase some text fields size - Corrected level up after win - Sticky behaviour fixed, changed to drag&drop - Prevent empty elements