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How to play Krampus?

Krampus is a tremendously realistic horror game in which you will have to do your best to survive one Christmas night the attack of a dangerous creature called Krampus; a being with elf ears and huge horns very typical of countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Slovenia.

Legend has it that this demonic-looking creature punishes bad children during the Christmas season, in contrast to the adorable Santa Claus who rewards them with nice gifts. Krampus, it is said, captures naughty children in his sack and takes them with him to the depths of hell to be devoured. Have you been a good child all year long? This time, you find yourself trapped in a dark and sinister dwelling from which you must escape alive at all costs before your bloodthirsty enemy finds you and takes you with him. Will you manage to survive this terrifying nightmare?

Who created Krampus?

This game has been developed by Alexandr.

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