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How to play Crowd Eater?

Crowd Eater is an addictive clicker game that allows players to unleash their destructive tendencies by devouring entire crowds.

As the name suggests, the game is all about eating people, making it perfect for those who love to crush, destroy and cause chaos.

The objective of the game is very simple, you must control a giant black hole to devour as many people as possible, directing the crowd towards the black hole.

One of the unique features of Crowd Eater is its clicker simulation mode. This means that even when players are not actively playing, the black hole continues to suck people in, earning points and rewards. As you progress, you must build factories and plants to manufacture mobs and then send them to the black hole and get paid for it.

This game will keep you busy for many hours.

How to play Crowd Eater?

  1. Start the game and control the giant black hole by directing mobs into it.
  2. Devour as many mobs as you can to earn points and rewards.
  3. Develop by building factories and plants to produce humanoids.
  4. Send the produced humanoids to the black hole to get money.
  5. Take advantage of the idle simulator mode to keep earning even outside the game.
  6. Enjoy addictive and simple gameplay that will keep you busy for hours.

Who created Crowd Eater?

Mirols OU has developed this addictive point and click game.

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