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How to play HaxBall?

Enjoy this thrilling multiplayer game where you'll have to score as many goals as possible in your rivals'. Are you ready for a challenging soccer match? Have fun!

How to play Haxball?

In Haxball you will be part of a football team, where you could control a single player with your name and number. To start a game create a profile with your information. Then you will have to look for a server with available spaces or create your own with the settings you want. During the match you will be able to control your player with your keyboard cross and when you have the ball next to you you will be able to pass or take a shot by pressing the "X" key.

Do you need any tips to improve in Haxball?

The most important thing is to be a team player. Don't abuse possession of the ball and pass it, the better team will have a much better chance of getting past the opposing defense and winning the game. Haxball experts advise you to practice shooting and specialize in the mechanics of shooting in one direction while moving your player in another. It will allow you to make shots that will catch your opponents off guard. For dodging opponents and dribbling with the ball, the best tactic is to bounce the ball off walls. And when you're playing in a team, keep in mind your role in the team and stick to it. If everyone tries to do their job well, you'll have a much better chance of selling.

Who developed Haxball?

Haxball was developed and published in 2010 by Mario Carbajal, also known as "Basro". Initially it used Flash Player technology but due to its demise it was adapted to HTML5. Thanks to this, today you can still enjoy it in your browsers.

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