Brain Toasting Dungeon

Brain Toasting Dungeon

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R.I.P Flash! Brain Toasting Dungeon is a Flash game which is not supported anymore. Please check our similar games!

How to play Brain Toasting Dungeon?

Brain Toasting Dungeon is a fun interactive decision-making game in which you must accompany the game's protagonist on an exciting adventure through hundreds of scenarios and dangers. Observe your surroundings and choose what actions you consider the right ones to get to the final scene safe and sound.

Our hungry friend has been lucky enough to find a gold coin to buy a delicious ice cream at the market stall. But unfortunately this cursed coin will lead him to enjoy endless chained catastrophes. Open doors, climb infinite stairs, face dangerous monsters, run away without looking back and don't give up in the face of the adversities along the way. Are you ready to make the best decisions?

Who created Brain Toasting Dungeon?

This game is developed by Butzbo.


Minitorneos, chat & make friends


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