A Weekend at Villa Apate

A Weekend at Villa Apate

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How to play A Weekend at Villa Apate?

Do you have plans for this weekend? Enjoy A Weekend at Villa Apate, a point-n-click pixel-art adventure game like in the old days about assassins, mad scientists, an ancient god, a very strange secret service,...

What is A Weekend at Villa Apate about?

The story is very funny, Paco is a musician whose dream is to start earning money with his talent and seems to have a chance, thanks to his contribution to an exciting videogame he has made with Marco Giorgini. The turning point could be the ItAdvCon -the Italian Adventure Games Convention-, where they will be able to show their work and meet an important publisher who might be willing to bet on them.

As if that wasn't enough, this year the ItAdvCon will be held in a luxury venue Villa Apate, near San Luca, Bologna, normally the place for more exotic and prestigious events and Marco was somehow able to book a room for them to finish preparing their speech together and with all the possible comforts. Paco thinks they really have had a stroke of luck. But did they really? Where are they when the game starts? You don't know for sure. You don't remember anything, but you think you might be in a hotel room. But you'll have to find out something about your recent past - in a hurry - because it looks like someone wants to kill you. And that won't necessarily be your main problem for long.

Who developed A Weekend at Villa Apate?

Marco Giorgini and Paco Diago have been in charge of creating this fun adventure game.



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