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How to play Craft Drill?

In Craft Drill you must uncover hidden riches while operating a powerful drill, extracting coal, iron, gold and diamonds.

Upgrade your drill and switch between attachments such as wooden shovels, stone shovels, iron picks and diamond picks to optimize resource extraction.

What are the main features of Craft Drill?

  • Drilling upgrades: Evolve your drilling capabilities from basic to unstoppable.
  • Resource extraction: mine coal, iron, gold and diamonds for wealth and opulence.
  • Economic strategy: Manage resources to build and expand your mining empire.
  • Casual gaming: enjoy simple controls and engaging gameplay.

Complete challenging levels, upgrade your drilling and become the ultimate mining tycoon. Face intricate challenges as you go deeper into the earth.

Who created Craft Drill?

Yso Corp has developed this mining game.

Craft Drill can be also found in these platforms:

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