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    Enjoy this new version of where you'll control an arrow! Use your pointer to move across a stage full of yellow circles and enemies willing to eat you. Grow bigger, become powerful and take over this unique world!

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    Move around the grame screen and avoid your enemies' hammers! Collect the pieces scattered on your way in order to grow bigger and stronger -- show no mercy!

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    This multiplayer is based on classic 'Pacman'. Eat as many bright dots as you can in order to speed up and sneak behind your enemies' backs in order to defeat them. Dodge a bunch of deadly traps and climb the rankings!

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    Discover a new challenging online game on Miniplay! Control your car and shoot your flail to defeat other users and become stronger. Play against people from all over the world and collect rainbow dots in order to grow bigger. Good luck!

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    In this .io fighting game, you can control a powerful warrior who must look for rainbow gems that increase his strength, size and score! Make sure to hit your enemies in the right moment before they hit you and climb the rankings. Upgrade your weapons and have fun!

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    Upgrade your tank and fight players from all over the world! Dodge their bullets and try to get bigger and bigger. Become the biggest tank on the screen -!

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    Join the arena and fight players from all over the world! Help your character survive and evolve completing challenging battles. Upgrade your skills, crush and obliterate your rivals, gather hundreds of treasures... How many enemies can you beat, how much bigger can you get?!

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    Shoot your enemies and grow bigger! You can kill as many rivals as you can and collect ammo in order to increase your score -- crush smaller enemies and stay away from the mines!

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    Fertilize eggs in ''! This multiplayer game is based on human biology -- you will have to face thousands of sperms in order to succeed. Each one of them has a unique skill, so beware of them if you wanna have babies!

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Catch your enemies and take over their paint spills. Can you be the strongest in this map? Control your bubble, aim and shoot your rivals! Move around the board, watch your enemies and run away from them.


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