Compete with an advantage

By accumulating experience for your actions, you will earn Gems playing what you like the most and gain access to exclusive accessories getting Minicoins in your favorite games.

Experience is the last thing to die.

At Miniplay, all registered users receive experience points for their actions that are used to level up. The more experience you gain, the more your level will advance.

Their level represents the experience of a player, so you will quickly identify who to challenge and who you'd rather not.

There are many ways to gain experience on Miniplay. These are just a few of them:

  • comments icon Discuss and receive positive feedback.
  • trophies icon Play and unlock achievements and trophies.
  • community icon Follow other users, and make friends.
  • share icon Visit us daily and share.

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The progress bar shows your current level and the experience you lack to move up to the next one.

A fistful of Gems.

Gems are granted for your actions on Miniplay and will allow you to buy items through the Avatar Editor. Put effort into getting them, use them wisely and your avatar will shine.

To get them just keep doing what you like the most on Miniplay: play, level up, unlock trophies and achievements, share games... And you'll see your Gem account grow.

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gems bag

Extra fun in every game.

Minicoin is the virtual Miniplay currency, which allows you to maximize your experience in many of the games. It'll also allow you to buy avatar items through the Editor when you don't have enough Gems.

Minicoins are purchased with real money. The quickest way is through your phone, but if you prefer you can do it through PayPal, credit card and other payment methods.

  • creditcard icon Paypal
  • mobile icon Send and SMS
  • forms icon Fill surveys Free
  • video icon Watch videos Free


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    esta dificil

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    es to bueno esto

    October 27, 2014
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    it wont let me watch videos

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