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Job offers

We don't have any open positions right now, but stay tunned for future opportunities :)


A beautiful New-York style office placed downtown Madrid.


Small details that can make a difference.

Fridays rock

We love working, but also taking a nap at least once a week. That's why we stop working at 15:00 on Fridays.

Flexible schedule

For everyone. We start working at a timing agreed by all the team, If you don't like it, we can change it.

Your equipment is your equipment

We don't mind what you work with as long as you feel comfortable with it. Mac, Linux or Windows are well known here, even GameBoy™.


We are a very cute team of 15 people. A few work on the web development and design and the others takes care of the correct behavior of the platform.

  • pablo
    Pablo Cenalmor Il Pablino
  • roberto
    Roberto Zurdo Plastidecor Master
  • david
    David Medina Silbo gomero
  • daniel.minijuegos.com
    Daniel Cabello Tupé Manager
  • paloma.bow
    Paloma Téllez Ser de luz
  • ruben
    Rubén Moraleda Chaicher Veletas
  • blanche
    Blanca Collado Baking Goddess
  • vxctor
    Víctor Ortega Invent Man
  • victor
    Víctor Sanz Spoiler Man
  • martaminijuegos
    Marta Moyano Slim Rasp
  • zuri
    Zuri Negrín Haters gonna hate
  • anittadinamitta
    Ana Berdeal Anita Dinamita
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