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Tower Crush

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How to play Tower Crush?

Enjoy a tower defense game with Tower Crush in which you will have to build a powerful defense tower of up to 6 floors full of cannons, flame throwers, rockets, laser beams and all kinds of powerful weapons, attacks and protective shields. It's time to provoke devastating attacks that show the power and destructive capacity of your weaponry!

Aim and fire at enemy bases and manage to crush your enemies before their attacks destroy you.

What are the features of Tower Crush?

  • Choose from 8 different heroes (The Warrior, The Paladin, The Immortal, The Orc, The Fire Elemental, The Stone Warrior, The Viking and The Wizard)
  • Build a 6-story defense tower.
  • Enjoy 10 types of weapons
  • Up to 7 special powers will help you in your mission (Fire, protective shield, lightning storm, poison, tornado, ice and healing)
  • Surpass a total of 280 unique levels.

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