Subway Surfers: Washington D.C.

Subway Surfers: Washington D.C.

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How to play Subway Surfers: Washington D.C.?

Subway Surfers: Washington D.C. invites you to ride through the streets of the great city of Washington D.C. on a flying scooter while escaping from the police! You've made a small mistake while performing one of your pranks and now, the police are chasing you at full speed along the train tracks. Will you manage to escape safely while dodging hundreds of traps and obstacles along the way?

Collect lots of coins to improve your game experience, jump without stopping or slide under narrow fences while activating the flying scooter mode whenever you feel you need a little push along the way - it's time to test your reflexes as you avoid crashing into walls, fences or speeding trains after having made an illegal graffiti on the station's trains! Good luck...

Who created Subway Surfers: Washington D.C.?

SYBO Games created this famous mobile game.

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