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Imposter Battle Royale


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How to play Imposter Battle Royale?

Imposter Battle Royale is a unique multiplayer shooter inspired by the famous Among Us, where gunplay and real-time battles are perfectly combined. Are you ready to protect your life at all costs while mercilessly annihilating your dangerous opponents? Combine weapons for more powerful ones and invest your profits in upgrading your defenses.

Scour every corner of this dangerous space base as you avoid death at the hands of sharp traps and sinister enemies and try to keep your life bar topped up if you want to claim victory. Watch the map carefully, chase your enemies, protect your back and collect weapons to defend yourself from any attack. Only someone brave and full of energy like you will have a chance to survive this tough adventure. Good luck...

Who developed Imposter Battle Royale?

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Imposter Battle Royale can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE
  • AIM

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