How to Loot! Pull Pin

How to Loot! Pull Pin

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How to play How to Loot! Pull Pin?

How to Loot! Pull Pin has arrived on our screens to test your skills, reflexes and intelligence as you try to rescue the princess and find the treasure while destroying hundreds of dangerous monsters along the way.

Look closely at each screen of the game and figure out the easiest way to move the pins in order to open gates, kill your opponents, put out fires and reach the hand of your beloved princess before her life is in danger. Recover your kingdom's precious treasure and enjoy new and increasingly difficult levels - there are a total of 500 challenges waiting for you! Select your favorite knight, enjoy up to 4 different game modes and start your new exciting journey. Good luck...

Who created How to Loot! Pull Pin?

This game was developed by Azura Global.

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