FNF TCD: Bubble Trouble

FNF TCD: Bubble Trouble

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How to play FNF TCD: Bubble Trouble?

FNF TCD: Bubble Trouble is a revamped mod inspired by the game Tails Can't Die which was based on the Dorkly animated short of the same name. It's time to enjoy the most exciting musical duel between two of the world's most beloved video game characters, Tails and Sonic!

The comical video tells the story about Tails when he discovers he can't die and uses it to help Sonic during his adventure. Both characters are submerged under the depths of the waterfall where Tails fell by accident, but Sonic is drowning, and the only way to help him survive is to let him breathe oxygen from some air bubbles. Are you ready to catch all the oxygen needed to breathe underwater by pressing the arrows at the right time without missing a single chord? Good luck...

Who created FNF TCD: Bubble Trouble?

This game was developed by TiredShiped, METR0GARD3N and gibz679.


Minitorneos, chat & make friends


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