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Clash of Skulls details

Enjoy an exciting real-time strategy and card game in Clash of Skulls where you will have to face a dangerous army of evil creatures that intend to invade your lands. Deploy your army of armed skulls into battle and prepare to annihilate your enemies one by one.
Combine the strength of your units correctly to make your attacks much more effective, and advance as far as you can into enemy territory. Archers, warriors armed with sharp swords, spearmers, death with his scythe, characters armed with lots of explosives and lots of other creatures will be ready to help you with their sweat and effort to reach the ultimate victory. Good luck soldier!

What are the characteristics of Clash of Skulls?

  • Enjoy detailed 2D graphics.
  • Accumulate points that will allow you to upgrade your characters.
  • Send out effective warrior combinations to claim victory.
  • Prevent your enemies from reaching your territory.

Who created Clash of Skulls?

This game has been developed by Beedo Games.


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