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How to play Candy Crush Online?

Join this epic and sweet adventure! Match at least three similar candies in order to make them disappear. Score as many points as you can and unlock the highest levels.

How to play Candy Crush Online?

To play this acclaimed game in its browser version you only need to use your mouse. In Candy Crush Online your challenge will be to make combinations of candies of the same color in groups of at least 3 candies. At the beginning of each level you will be shown some objectives to achieve, in the form of a number of candies of the same color to eliminate, boxes to unlock or ingredients to take to the end of the screen. Don't waste moves, you will have a limited number of moves for each level. As you progress through the levels you can earn coins that will help you get extra moves when you need them most, and "boosters" and accumulative aids that you can use in your games.

Want some tips on how to improve Candy Crush Online?

For starters, never lose sight of the objectives of each level. Achieving those objectives was the only way to win in that level. Also, when you have to eliminate or unlock certain squares, a good strategy is to start making your moves from the bottom of the screen. This will get new candies to drop down and give you more chances to create new combinations. If you match 4 or 5 candies of the same color you will generate a special candy. These candies will create bigger combinations and generate chain reactions that can win you the game in one fell swoop. When you play a screen with locked squares go for them at the start, if you don't unlock them first you won't be able to play the rest of the game normally. And if you get stuck in a level, remember that you have boosters to get you out of that situation.

Who developed the original Candy Crush?

This game was developed by the company King in 2012. It was initially released as a Facebook game, and due to its success, Android, iOS and Windows Phone versions. Since its release, this game has become one of the most downloaded games in all the app stores year after year, and has continued to be updated to receive a whopping 9000 levels.will anyone have reached the last one?



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