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Bubble Trouble 3

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How to play Bubble Trouble 3?

Bubble Trouble 3 is a very special bubble shooting arcade game also known as Bubble Struggle in which your main objective is to pop all the bubbles into pieces until you reduce them to ashes thanks to your faithful and sharp harpoon.

Try to get right under each of the huge bubbles that surround you and shoot at the right time if you want to hit and divide it into new bubbles smaller and smaller. Until you empty the screen of small bubbles you will not have the chance to win. Avoid being grazed at all times or you will die at that precise moment and win the final victory thanks to your patience and your amazing aim. A 2-player mode is available if you want to enjoy a battle with your best friend, enjoy this nostalgic game and relax after a hard day!

Who created Bubble Trouble 3?

This game was developed by Kresimir Cvitanovic.

Bubble Trouble 3 can be also found in these platforms:

  • MOVE
  • AIM


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