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How to play BNB Heroes?

BNB Heroes is a strategy game based on NFT collectible cards that revolves around game economy, expansion and sustainability, with the possibility of earning BNB directly while playing.

BNB Heroes focuses on aspects such as straightforward fun, simplicity of mechanics and accessibility for all kinds of players. Anyone who is interested in digital card collecting and wants to earn real rewards from their games will find BNB Heroes to be the ideal ecosystem.

What game mechanics does BNB Heroes offer?

The game is divided into four main groups through which any player can start playing directly and start earning rewards from the very beginning. The main bases of BNB Heroes are:

  • Heroes: Each player will be able to obtain their own NFT heroes through their unique cards, each with their own classes and abilities, such as soldier, mage, hunter, knight or rogue.
  • Upgrades: Through the rewards obtained, it is possible to improve the characteristics of the heroes, enhancing the aspects that the player considers.
  • Combat: Face countless enemies and bosses of all kinds and conditions that will test your skills as a strategist along with the strengths and weaknesses of your party of heroes.
  • Rewards: Whether it's for managing your cards, upgrading them, or participating in combat, you'll receive different amounts of rewards in BNB.

Is BNB Heroes safe?

BNB Heroes offers total security to its players through different protection mechanisms, all to secure the token rewards. Thanks to its security measures, it guarantees protection against exploit attacks from bots and so-called whale moves. All of this is continuously monitored by a dedicated company like TechRate.

How to earn rewards by playing BNB Heroes

Players can acquire BNBH, the in-game currency of the game. By spending BNBH tokens, character cards can be upgraded for a better chance of victory. Once in the combat phase, BNBH tokens can be earned directly through common battles, story missions and by defeating bosses. Finally, players can claim unspent in-game tokens that go into their virtual wallet in the form of real money.

Build your deck of heroes, upgrade them and fight for victory! The more you invest, the more chances for better rewards.



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